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Hotkey elfbot auto utani gran hur

Make sure the Hotkeys Enabled checkbox is ticked.
Isnotlocation - will canele bordelais rezept execute sie sucht ihn ulm erotik a certain action only if you are not on the exactly location of action waypoint.
Connect worldname accname accpass charname copyscreen - will copy the current content of the Tibia window to the clipboard dec varname - its the same as doing set variablename variablename-1 disallowwalk item1 item2 - disallows the client/bot to auto-walk on a certain item id displaymap.Dropitems itemid1 itemid2 itemid3 - will drop all listed items on the ground dropitemsxyz x y z itemid1 itemid2 itemid3 - will drop all listed itemons on the ground on a specific x y z position dropitemsxyzamount x y z itemid amount - drops.Equipback itemid - equips a certain item in your backpack slot equipbelt itemid - equips a certain item in your belt slot equipboots itemid - equips a certain item in your boots slot equipchest itemid - equips a certain item in your chest slot equiplhand.The file must be on your elfsettings folder.Txt movenitems item count backpack - moves count amount of item to desired backpack moveitemonground sx sy sz dx dy dz - moves the top item from a source tile to a destination tile moveitems itemid window - moves all items with a certain.

Clear varname - its the same as doing set variablename 0 collectitems backpack item1 item2 - collects items.Restoration autoheal - will force the bot to heal yourself if your hp is below 95 healparalysis text - heals your paralysis with a certain spell health hp creature - uses a light health potion on a creature when its hp is below a certain.Skip - will skip to the next waypoint stackitems - will stack all countable items that are split accross piles of less than 100 together wait timems - will wait a certain interval before executing the next command Settings loadcavebot scriptname - loads a cavebot.Closeallwindows - closes all open inventory windows crosshair itemid - makes a crosshair of the item id appears, so you can shoot a rune eatfood - eats food from your open backpacks equipammy itemid - equips an amulet with a certain item id to your.Attacks aimgfb - shoots a gfb on the best square where no friends will be shotten aimavalanche - shoots an avalanche on the best square where no friends will be shotten aimthunderstorm - shoots a thunderstorm on the best square where no friends will.Lootitems - loot items defined in the file lootitems.
Log along with the current time and date logout - makes you logout magwall creature - shoots a magwall two squares in front of a creature makerune mp runespell - creates a certain rune.
Dashchase creature - client-sidedly chases a creature follow creature - follows a creature haste - casts utani hur if you are not current hasted movee - moves you east moven - moves you north moves - moves you south movew - moves you west movene.

Save/Restart, close the Persistent Commands List panel.