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Hurting synonym

hurting synonym

Id never hurt nutten saalfeld a hair on his pretty head.
And so when scientists and engineers, very much like medical doctors, screw up, people can get hurt - even die.
It hurt me so bad that I wanted to quit right there.
So notice next time you say, Watch out, you're going to get hurt, or, Don't do that, it's dangerous.Our hearts hurt from the failed religion of extremism, and we deserve more than the failed religion of routine-ism.Vb 1 bruise, damage, disable, harm, impair, injure, lay a finger on, mar, spoil, wound 2 ache, be sore, be tender, burn, pain, smart, sting, throb 3 afflict, aggrieve, annoy, cut to the quick, distress, grieve, pain, sadden, sting, upset, wound.And if you're paying any attention at all to cyberthreats, or, for instance, if you've read about the Stuxnet virus or, for God's sake, if you've ever had an email account or a Yahoo account or a phone hacked, you can imagine the whole new.Weve got kids and people who are seriously hurt.I know I hurt you and Mommy a lot.And that rejection hurt.People I care about have been hurt and killed.How can such a stupid injury hurt so much?Because we knew you were gonna get your feelings hurt.To get rid of an odd habit he had of involuntarily lifting his shoulder, he practiced his speeches in front of a mirror, and he suspended a sword from the ceiling so that if he raised his shoulder, it would hurt.Antonyms, vb 1 2 alleviate, cure, heal, relieve, repair, restore, soothe 3 aid, benefit, calm, compensate, compliment, console, forward, heighten, help, increase, please n 6 delight, happiness, joy, pleasure, pride, satisfaction adj 7 alleviated, assuaged, healed, relieved, repaired, restored, soothed.We inform the people they aim to hurt far sooner than they had ever anticipated.It'll hurt the bottom line.
You could have easily hurt any one of those boys.
Or the pimps threaten to hurt their families and children.

If a girl goes into an encounter hoping that it won't hurt, wanting to feel close to her partner and expecting him to have an orgasm, she'll be satisfied if those criteria are met.Her father was at work when he had fallen from the fourth floor and really hurt his back.If you get your feelings hurt, well, welcome to the world of education.But it started to sink lower and lower and almost hurt.The explosion had been caused by a water heater, so nobody was hurt, and ultimately it was not a big deal, but later Skip came vanessa bauer sucht frau nachname up to me and said, Nice job, Caroline, in this surprised sort of voice.In a traditional cremation, the ashes that are left over - inorganic bone fragments - form a thick, chalky layer that, unless distributed in the soil just right, can actually hurt or kill the tree.I was brought up like this, I got used to doing it this way, when I read a written word in simplified spelling, my eyes hurt.Even the harsh judgment I hold in my heart against my brother or my sister, the open wound that was never cured, the offense that was never forgiven, the rancor that is only going to hurt me, are all instances of a fight that.They will hurt, damage and change you in ways you cannot imagine.I kicked a concrete pier and hurt my toes.