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Nigeria prostitution trafficking

Retrieved b Sessou, Ebun (October 15, 2011).
"At the auto huren in salzburg Margins of Consent: Sex Trafficking from Nigeria to Italy".The law required tour guards to obtain license guards in order to perform their work.University of South Africa.Trafficking in women from Nigeria is strongly concentrated in the state of Edo in the South-Central part of the country.When the women reach the country of destination they are immediately indebted to the trafficker for transport and lodging fees and will have to pay off the debt before they are freed, if ever.The success of many female emigrants who went to Europe is highly visible in Edo, for instance in the form of grand houses built with remittances.This is represented in the diagram (right which shows one example of the organization of human trafficking from Nigeria to Italy.By the early 1980s, street prostitution became a common sight on Allen Avenue, Ikeja and in some areas of Oshodi and later Kuramo Beach.

In many cases, the madam in Italy has a male partner known as "madam's (black) boy" who undertakes certain tasks in managing the trafficking.The police and policymakers in Europe have embraced the notion that the women are driven by fears of magic a convenient explanation for enigmatic behavior.In 2010, hearings were held on the floor of the House of Representative about the Bill for an Act to Prohibit Corporate Prostitution and Exploitation of Women and for Other Matters Connected Therewith.Based on the estimates of the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, about 8,000 10,000 women of Nigerian descent practiced prostitution in Italy between 20002009.Culturele achtergronden van de handel in Nigeriaanse meisjes voor de Nederlandse prostitutie: Een verkenning." Leiden: African Studies Centre, Universiteit Leiden).The women are known locally as asewo.A Nigerian envoy in Côte d'Ivoire noted the frequency of adolescent girls among Nigerian commercial workers in Abidjan.The fact that these evils have persisted after return to democratic rule in 1999 has been a great disillusionment to many Nigerians, thousands of whom have sought asylum in Europe.In 1987, the Women's Center in Nigeria wrote a press release about the harassment, assault and rape of prostitute by law enforcement members.Brothels are in virtually every major city in Nigeria and offer the cheapest form of service.
Starting in the mid-1980s, the trafficking of Women to European countries such as Italy began to gain traction.
These young graduates and students use the services of pimps and call-ups as a modus of operation, while some frequent bars and restaurants.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) investigation found the victims - aged 24 to 30 - were made to undergo Juju rituals which exercised a control 'tighter than chains.'.
In other words, Nigerian trafficking is not only characterized by female leadership, but also by a self-reproducting organizational structure.
During the pre-World War II period commercial sex workers solicited clients in brothels, cinemas and hotels bars 3 in the, lagos Island districts of, broad St, Breadfruit, Labinjo, Martins, Porto Novo Market- and Taiwo In Lagos, commercial sex work was majorly practiced by non-Lagos natives.