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Prostitution law in nigeria

prostitution law in nigeria

Our noble senators- David Mark and Ike Ekweremadu are worried that the fight against prostitution in Nigeria has not yielded any meaningful result.
Many of those girls were directly or indirectly forced into prostitution by unspeakable hardship and by the sheer desire to survive.The government, of course, withholds a portion of these revenues to contribute to social benefits and sex sexanzeigen moers workers have pensions, health insurance, a regular 40-hour-work week, and the option to join sex worker unions.The enactment of laws should not only be based on need, they should primarily be based on morality and virtues.Should we also legalize those vices in Nigeria just because they are in other countries?It should fight against poverty.As a matter of fact, unsound governance, corruption and incompetence of our political leaders in Nigeria have been giving birth to immoral behaviors like prostitution.Olosho is a Yoruba word for prostitute, Runs Girls are typically girls at university who will use their body for favours, and a prostitute is a woman who is a professional sex worker.Legalization of prostitution would only worsen the Nigerian situation!And if the Nigerian Senate think that prostitution is such a huge problem, then they should constitute a group of Nigerians drawn from Religious Leaders, Sociologists, Nurses, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Political Scientists, Students, Mothers, Young Ladies etc to conduct a thorough inquiry on the root.David Mark even stated that Abuja has been waging intensive wars against it but has not been able to bring the trade to a halt.Prostitution can wreak the family when a wife decides to do it in order to make some money that her husband was not able to give her and in the process gets some disease which she passes unto the husband.Penal Code Act, Chapter 532, Federal Capital of Abuja, 1990, Vagabonds.To a fine of one hundred naira or to imprisonment for six months or to both such fine and imprisonment.Prostitution legalization could potentially pose the greatest assault on the Nigerian family and the society at large.Street prostitution is considered a public nuisance and thus illegal, but brothels are legal, and there are designated red light districts in major cities.

If the number of Nigerian women opting into prostitution is on the increase, then something else is driving them to such a dangerous trade.For example, some of the names include: hoe, runs sex dating apps ios girl, olosho, prostitute.In a country like Nigeria with little or no institutions and with the rate of bribery and corruption shooting through the roof of the nation, who's going to make sure that sex workers are medically tested from time to time?But should the Senate also legalize vices and crimes like armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorism, corruption etc.Come to think of it, Nigeria has been waging war against corruption, especially corruption among government officials for decades, but has not been able to win the war.If the offender is of Islamic faith, he shall in addition be liable to punishment as prescribed by the Sharia Penal Code of the State.The prostitutes in Nigeria, are the lepers of Jesus time.
But a huge number of women in Nigeria who go into prostitution do so as the last resort to survival.
Prostitution is not the only problem ravaging Nigeria.