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Sims 4 mods prostitute download

sims 4 mods prostitute download

6-, athletic Self Assured : After reaching the top of the athletic skill, these sims can woohoo as many times with the same sim as they'd like because of their smokin' hot body and lack of insecurities.
Quick note: No online dating unless you have the "Geek and Gluttony" skill set.Obviously some children will not be the right gender and must be moved out asap.If a prostitute sim shares a trait with one of their clients (ex- they both have the evil trait) then you may kaching twice.They then can build a relationship using the phone and invite them to the brothel.30,000-60,000: Your brothel can purchase the second most expensive bed for one of the rooms for free.Kaching when: * One of your prostitute sims woohoos/tries for baby with a client * If the client turns out to be in the detective (GTW medical (GTW science (GTW or astronaut career, you must woohoo them for free.However, their woohoo is more satisfying and every successful woohoo is worth 2 kachings.That being said, there's nothing really R rated about the challenge besides the fact that it involves "prostitutes." (sims that have lots of unprotected woohoo) But that's enough to make some people uncomfortable so I thought I'd just give a heads.3-, hot Headed Hates Children : If your roll this, your sim must contribute to at least 1 of the next generation's heirs due to unlucky accidents with birth control failure.Sims 4 Brothel Challenge, originally made by cannibalcupcake, modified for TS4.Find the original TS3 challenge here: fo/t/457749, before I explain the challenge, I wanted to post a warning.(Also, any form of creative stuff (painting, sculpting, wood-working, etc.) but you can't sell that, either.No jobs, writing books, doing art, etc.Every woohoo your sim successfully completes must be "try for baby.".However, a little decoration never hurts!Gameplay: Sims in your brothel must woohoo with passerby's in order to get money.
and they must be at least an hour apart.
You then can use testingcheats ben hur w cda true to shift-click the Sim and do "add to household." These prostitutes do not count towards the next generation.

Your challenge will go on for as many generations as it takes.So obviously they'll be hosting a lot of parties.As a result they are not very motivated and can only woohoo once a day.The last trait is up to you.60,000-80,000: Your brothel may hire a maid.They must always make their client a boyfriend/girlfriend before woohooing, and must break up with them before woohooing the next client.100,000: Congrats, your brothel is a success!Your brothel must begin as a seedy and low brow place.If you can't guess by the title, this is a sort of R rated challenge.After a successful woohoo has taken place, you may type "kaching" into the cheat box and get paid for your.
The ultimate goal is for your brothel to rise up from its humble beginnings into a high class place of business.
But, once again, you may not sell any of this.